Welcome! I’m a San Francisco-based journalist, content marketing and social media professional perpetually looking for my next adventure.

I love to write. Whether it's for my job, a freelance assignment, a personal essay or simply composing the words in my head, I'm always looking to tell a true, authentic story in a visual and compelling way.

I love to eat. Not in that "I love to go out to eat" sort of way, but in the constant exploration of food. I want to know its origins, the thinking behind the dish and how I could cook it at home.

I love to imbibe. And not in that passive "I love a glass of wine" way. In the bartenders are basically scientists kind of way.

I love to travel. I've lived in both Spain and Argentina and have traveled to over 20 countries. Thailand is next, so send your recommendations.

And when it all comes down to it, I like to combine these passions together as much as possible.

I’m always looking for exciting new opportunities, so please feel free to browse around and contact me.